About Janette

Helping you channel your full potential

Hi I’m Janette

As a Dream Builder Coach, I will help you tap into your highest self, find your direction, and guide you to accomplish your intentions. You were born as a unique individual with talents, desires, and motivations. You have lived out your own story that has had many layers and chapters that have made you who you are.

I coach to help you find freedom from any fears that are holding you back and holding you inside your limiting beliefs. I will help to bring your amazing qualities into alignment with your goals and bring a strong sense of purpose and direction to your everyday life. I will also give you the tools and techniques to discover your true self, your deepest desires, and help you to manifest the life of your dreams.

Personally, I was raised with an extremely narcissistic and abusive mom and with that came a girl who had to search for her own identity and self love. Like many of us, I have battled through my own inferno. I spent years not understanding that my life was driven by someone else’s fears and insecurities. I came to understand as a teenager that my friends lived very different lives than I did and I knew then that I was meant for much more.

I spent some time in therapy as a young adult and I gained massive clarity on who I wanted to be for myself and for others.

As I became a mom, I vowed to raise my kids with love, compassion, grace, and understanding . I make sure every single day that they hear “I love you”.

Every step of life as a child and as an adult has been a growing, loving, and sacred process for me. I had to love myself for myself and I knew I was called to help women to do the same no matter what the circumstance they are facing.

I will help you empower your life and step into your highest self by stepping out of self doubt, self sabotage, and negative self talk. My main goal is to help you take your overwhelmed and depleted mind, heart, and soul to a more clear, curious, and confident space.

My wish is that you live a vibrant, full, and self-possessed life