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Janette is amazing in that she has the ability to actively listen, quickly processes what she hears, and define reasonable obtainable goals for a better me. She comes from a place of understanding that helped me to achieve my best,  knowing that sometimes that meant pushing me outside of my comfort zone.  She has worked with me for over a year on a very personal and tragic issue.  Today I am healthy and happy and I could not have made this transition without her.


Janette,  Thank you for being a great coach – I deeply value that time that I have been able to spend with you.  I am so grateful for the progress and motivation you have helped me to find within myself.  I know that without your listening and cheering me on, I wouldn’t be this far along in reaching my personal goals. You have helped me to find the courage to keep pressing forward.  Thank you so much for your tips, guidance and overall coaching, but most of all for allowing me a place with no judgement, your love and your friendship. 

Carrie Searle

Working with Janette has been absolutely amazing! 

Janette has had great advice and helpful tips and tricks to reframe my thinking every day. 

She’s also been a much needed support system and a fantastic cheerleader for my success.

Amanda Valentine

Janette has completely walked me through how to vision and take bold actions to build the life I have really wanted.  I was having relationship issues not only with my loved ones but with myself. 

I was lost and spinning my wheels in my life and honestly from the first session I felt supported, heard, and held. 

She led me through her Dream Builder Program and I highly recommend!

Hollie Kimber